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Glasscock Land Sales offers large residential building sites located thirty five minutes from downtown Corpus Christi in the beautiful community of historic Old San Patricio. Lot sizes range from 2  to 5-acre plots and have combinations of native trees and grasses.

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Residential lots

Available properties are located within San Patricio County and the City of San Patricio and range in size from 2 to 5 acres.

Community details

Founded in 1830 by Irish Colonists, Old San Patricio  has a storied history and is one of the oldest communities in Texas.   

About Us

Longtime residents of South Texas and the Coastal Bend, the Glasscock family has offered land for sale for over forty years.

Make Historic San Patricio, Texas Your New Home

Live the good life in a quiet and spacious country environment just a short drive from popular Coastal Bend communities such as Corpus Christi, Portland, Sinton, and Odem.

Build On Site With Room and Space To Grow


All properties feature spacious acreage and amenities including large, native trees and natural landscapes. Build kids’ treehouses, host family campouts, invite and host native wildlife such as polinator bees, migratory birds, local whitetail deer and all types of additional wildlife.

Enjoy Lower Taxes And Affordable Utility Options


Our homesites are located within the limits of the small, rural community of old San Patricio and are not subject to Corpus Christi city property tax and city sales tax. Utility solutions include water wells and county approved septic systems.

Available Listings

View our listings available within beautiful San Patricio, Texas.

21041 Galway Dr.

Lot 34

2.0 Acres

21019 Galway Dr.

Lot 36

2.0 Acres

21087 Galway Dr.

Lot 41

3.02 Acres

21088 Galway Dr.

Lot 42

3.04 Acres

20050 Galway Bay

Tract 101

5.1 Acres

20051 Galway Bay

Tract 102

5.1 Acres

20041 Galway Bay

Tract 104

5.1 Acres

5710 Sunnyvale Rd. Lot 44

2.0 Acres

5723 Sunnyvale Rd. Lot 45

3.0 Acres

5727 Sunnyvale Rd. Lot 47

3.0 Acres

5752 Sunnyvale Rd. Lot 49

3.0 Acres

5735 Sunnyvale Rd. Lot 50

3.64 Acres

5739 Sunnyvale Rd. Lot 51

3.64 Acres

5765 Sunnyvale Rd. Lot 54

4.22 Acres

21088 Donegal Rd.

Lot 6

5.42 Acres

21216 CR 1456

Tract 3

2.43 Acres

5452 Main St.

Lot 40

3.0 Acres

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All property is owned by Lasche’ Glasscock and is currently being offered by     KELLER-WILLIAMS REALTY.