San Patricio, Texas


A Storied History


City of San Patricio

Located 30 miles from downtown Corpus Christi, Texas and approximately 45 miles from Padre Island beaches. The community is bordered by the Nueces River and Lake Corpus Christi is only a fifteen minute drive away.

Maintaining History

This small community has worked for almost forty years to preserve its rich history mainly through historic preservation of its buildings and its community activities such as the World Championship Rattlesnake Races.

San Patricio in 1830

In 1830 this historic community was the western-most settlement of English-speaking colonists in what would become the United States and was twice as populous as Chicago, which at that time had a population of 100.

San Patricio County

San Patricio County, founded on St. Patrick’s Day, 1836, was one of the original thirteen counties of the Republic of Texas.

San Patricio Municipality

In 1972 San Patricio reincorporated into a municipality to preclude Corpus Christi from eventually annexing (and taxing) the small community.

Old San Patricio

Old San Patricio has a storied history and is one of the oldest communities in Texas founded in 1830 by a group of 200 Irish colonists under a land grant from Mexico.

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