Deed Restrictions

  1. Single family dwelling. No commercial use.
  2. Only one dwelling per lot. Must be minimum of 2,500 square feet. Set back 100’ from road and 30’ from sidelines.
  3. Barns, sheds, out-buildings, etc. must be of same architecture and same building materials as main dwelling. Must be set back 125’ from road and 30’ from sidelines. Must be new materials. Cannot be moved onto property. Cannot exceed 2,000 square feet.
  4. Main dwelling must be constructed of new materials. Exterior walls must be stone, brick, or stucco. No moved-in houses or moved-in structures allowed.
  5. Construction must be completed within three years. Must have a driveway. Yard must be landscaped with grass.
  6. No structures allowed on property prior to main dwelling construction. Construction must be approved by Restriction Committee.
  7. Cannot use garage or out-buildings as living quarters.
  8. No mobile homes allowed. One RV can be parked at main dwelling but cannot be used as living quarters.
  9. No above ground swimming pools allowed.
  10. Fences must be constructed of new materials and must be approved by Restriction Committee.
  11. Water well must be constructed before construction begins and must be approved by San Patricio County.
  12. Septic system must be approved by San Patricio County.
  13. No animals permitted accept cats and dogs.
  14. Cannot remove more than 50% of the trees.
  15. Dogs and cats must be kept on owner’s property.
  16. Lots must be kept clean and mowed.
  17. No illegal activities allowed. Cannot store building materials except during construction. No commercial vehicles or trailers can be kept on lot.
  18. Trash must be kept in sanitary containers.
  19. No outdoor high intensity lights allowed.
  20. No quarrying or mining allowed.
  21. No fill allowed that would obstruct water flow.
  22. No replat of lot allowed.
  23. Must abide by all Federal, State, and municipal laws and ordinances.
  24. Nonconformity does not affect restrictions on any other lots.